Exotic Metals

Zinc & copper cladding has been used in Europe over the past 500 years and this proven longevity has been most attractive to clients and architects alike. Although relatively new to the North American market, is quickly generating interest and is being specified for increasingly more commercial and residential buildings.

Zinc & copper sheets are used in architecture for walls and roofs and naturally weather for a maintenance-free life of over 60 years.

Although initial cost may be higher than other available materials, zinc does not peel or fade, which reduces the overall life cycle costs of the structure. As a natural metal, zinc is a versatile and lasting material that is becoming the builder’s top choice product.

Available in various shades and textures, it is very ideal option for institutions or landmark projects. Available in various patterns and design is fully customizable.

ARCNOVA INC. Inc., also offers corten-steel, titanium, stainless steel, metal mesh and fabric screens, in addition to copper and zinc cladding.

Exotic Metals